We serve a broad range of clients in diverse areas of law. Our recent cases have included products liability, drug liability and long term care. We possess the skill and experience to identify and analyze any medical issue, however complex or subtle.

We are experts at
identifying tampering.
Review Medical Records
Our experience reviewing thousands of medical records allows us to analyze and summarize the medical record quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, our expertise enables us to identify any omissions of data in the record, identify missing records and also identify any tampering with the medical record. We understand how to properly word subpoenas for electronic medical records and how to avoid receiving incomplete records that may contain omissions or faulty print-outs.

We organize and bate stamp the medical records and provide a Bates Memo Index which is updated throughout the case life.
Review and Analyze Medical Billing Records
We review medical billing records, such as physician, hospital, insurance, Medicare/Medi-Cal and employment records to identify billing mistakes, over billing, or misrepresentation. We have experience with ICD-9 and CPT codes and can assist with clarifying medical billing records and preparing appropriate cost analyses for mediation or trial.
Review Cases for Merit
We review cases for merit and can assist with identification of any elements of negligence including: a) duty, b) breach of duty, c) proximate cause and d) damages.
Identify Expert Witnesses
We identify expert witnesses and offer the attorney a short list of appropriate potential experts.
Provider Credential Review
We review appropriate licensing boards to establish professional achievements and identify potential provider misconduct or misrepresentation of qualifications.
Attend Independent Medical Exams (IMEs)
We attend IMEs and prepare a detailed summary of the exam from the time we meet with the plaintiff to completion of the medical exam. We also provide audio tape copies of the exam.
Legal Software offering:
CaseMap® software enables us to prepare a detailed chronology with sub-chronologies specific to the issues of a case.

For example: A long-term care case might have a 10-20 page master chronology with major issues related to falls, pressure ulcers, medication errors/omissions, abuse/neglect. With CaseMap®, we are able to prepare one or more sub-chronologies specific to fall-related issues, pressure ulcers, medication errors, nutritional deficiencies, weight loss, or perhaps physician visits and orders. Attorneys often find that "issue specific" data of their choice can be very helpful to their case.

TimeMap® software allows us to make detailed timelines of events/issues culled from the medical records chronology.